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    Any report, paper or other material ("Report") containing coverage of the Company which is made available on this page has been independently prepared. Readers of Reports should obtain independent advice before making any financial and/or investment decisions.

    Any views, opinions, forecasts or recommendations in any Reports are solely those of the relevant writer and/or contributor and do not in any way reflect the views, opinions, forecasts or recommendations of the Company. The Company does not endorse the content of the Reports, nor does the Company make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability of the content of the Reports.

    To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company and its related bodies corporate, as well as their respective directors and officers, disclaim any and all liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, cost, expense or claim arising directly or indirectly (including, without limitation, by way of negligence) from anyone acting or relying upon, or otherwise using or being influenced by, any information or material (whether written or otherwise) contained in, arising from or incidental to any Report.

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